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• Custom Designed • 550/350 MPA • Galvanized or Galvalume Coating • Rust Free • Weld Free
GalvaStrong is a Mitsumi Housing enterprise and specializes in design and supply of Light Gauge Steel Frames.

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Design & Supply of Light Gauge Steel Framing Profiles

In response to the growing demands for Mass Housing & Steel Intensive Construction along with build requirements in the Solar and Modular Construction sector from the government and private entities. Mitsumi Housing Pvt. Ltd has substantially invested to develop India’s First Largest LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Framing) Manufacturing Farm situated in Kosamba near Surat, Gujarat.

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Design & Supply of Light Gauge Steel Framing Profiles

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Steel Width

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We have an excellent in-house design team, with global vision and an ever-rising bar of excellence, combined with a progressive and flexible managerial expertise.

The Mitsumi LGSF Steel production farm never falls short of ready steel as we stock our own steel yard with ample of steel coils of various gauges and types ready for production. The LGSF Steel farm is strategically located around the center of India – Gujarat and is bang on the highway where any size truck / trailer is easily loadable. This enables us to cater to various construction sites of different length requirements all over the country. The steel profile has width specifications and steel gauges that are tender friendly and PMAY friendly. (89 & 150 mm)

  • 550 MPA
  • Galvanized or Galvalume
  • Custom Designed
  • Rust Free
  • Weld Free
Distance from Kosamba Factory (Approx)
Delhi 1,118 Kms 19h 26min
Mumbai 306 Kms 6h 21min
Chennai 1,629 Kms 28h 00min
Kolkata 1,987 Kms 39h 00min
Guwahati 2,595 Kms 48h 00min
Truck and Weight Calculation for 0.95 guage steel (Approx)
18 Feet 9 Tons Capacity 7 Tons LGSF
22 Feet 18 Tons Capacity 15 Tons LGSF
32 Feet 24 Tons Capacity 19 Tons LGSF

4 High Speed Machines

35 Tons production capacity per day
(single shift)

F325iT (3 Machines)

Profile Width Material: 89 mm Std
Thickness: 0.55 - 1.2 mm (24 - 18 Guage)
Max Line Speed: 2880 Mtr/Hr
Production Speed: Joist - 300 M/Hr, Wall - 700 M/Hr
Design Software: Framecade Structure & Framecad Detailer

TF550H (1 Machine)

Profile Width Material: 150 mm Std
Thickness: 0.95 - 2.0 mm (20 - 14 Guage)
Max Line Speed: 1350 Mtr/Hr
Production Speed: Joist - 300 M/Hr, Wall - 600 M/Hr
Design Software: Framecade Structure & Framecad Detailer

WHY use LGSF Steel Profile for your next assignment
Description Commercial Channels LGSF Channels
Production System Stud and Track Machines LGSF Framing Machines
Method of Jointing C+U C+C and also C+U
Connection Process C Channel (Stud) is slide and fixed inside a U Channel Track (Top Chord, Bottom Chord, Noggins). The Track U Channel web size is 2mm more than the Stud C Channel. Both the Stud and Track have same Web size, The Stud is Crimped and the Track is Lip Cut at precise connection point
Connection Merits/Demerits Stud positioning can move horizontally as there is no grip Stud Positioning is precisely fixed, So no chance of error, no creeking joints
Yield Strength 250 MPA` 350 to 550 MPA (Most of the time 550 MPA)
Grade of Galvanization G120 or G150 (Prone to Rusting due to low Galvanizations) G275 Minimum (Withstands Rusting)
Zinc Cover up - When Scratched and the Steel is exposed, The Zinc Corrodes itself, covers up the steel as a layer. Due to Lower Galvanization, the Zinc Cover up is not sufficient enough to form a layer to stop the Corrosion Due to Higher galvanization, the Zinc completely covers the scratch portion.
Wastages As there is no customization, there is a wastage of 15 to 20% on the Channels due to unnecessary extra production Precise Production according to Design, So 0% Wastage, Saving on Steel Consumption
Stud and Track Lengths Manual Process - Prone to Human Errors Automatic Machine Production, 0% Error
Stud Spacing Manual Connection - Prone to Human Errors Automatic Machine Production, 0% Error
Connection Accuracy Manual Calculations, Prone to Creeking Joints Automatic Machine Production, No Creeking Joints
Dimple punching Not Possible, So the Screws will be protruding outside and connection to the Cladding Boards will not be smooth. Dimple Punch and Screw Hole are available. So the Cladding board sits smoothly on to the Steel Frames
45 Degree Chamfer Cut for Slanted Connections Not Possible. Design Restriction 45 Degree Chamfer Cut is possible. So Slanted K Bracing Connections and other Design ideas are possible.
Lip Cut Not Possible. Only U Profile is used. So need extra time to adjust the rollers for U track formations Lip Cut is available, So no need to have a separate U track for Top Chord, Bottom Chord and Noggin Connections
Web Holes Manual Process, Prone to Human Errors, Precision is not there. Everything is punched with Machine Precision, No room for errors.
Service Holes Not Possible. So for making electrical and plumbing connections, someone has to manually punch or weld the hole at site, Time killing Process. Precise punching of Service holes according to MEP Diagrams given by the client. No Wastage of Time.
Alignment of Screw Holes Manual Process, So prone to Human Error, Leading to Rickety Joints Completely Automatic, So No chance for Error. Clean and Smooth Connections and Fastening.
Gauge Capability Usually only 0.8mm and 1mm only. Due to low steel strength, the Channels will buckle at 0.6mm and due to Small machines with lower capabilities, Higher thickness is not possible. Any Gauge thickness in the range from 0.55mm to 1.2mm for the F325iT System. Higher Gauge Thickness also possible with the TF550H System, for 1.5mm, 1.6mm and even 2mm Thickness. 
Standards No Standards followed, No guarantee for quality in constructions. Standards applicable for Steel Quality, Connection Quality, Screw Quality, Construction Process, ensuring highest quality of Constructions.
Applications Only Non Load Bearing Structures, Only for Interior Partitions Load Bearing Structures, Non Load Bearing Structures, Used for both Interior and Exterior Wall Applications
Building Components Used for Making only Wall Sections. Used for Making Wall Panels, Floor Joists, Roof Trusses, Even Staircases and Façade Fixations
Ability to Withstand Temperature Difference on both sides of the walls Only suitable for Interior Partitions where the Temperature is same on both sides of the walls. Suitable for Both Interior and Exterior Walls. Due to Superior Construction Methodology, using proper Thermal Wraps, the Outside Hot Temperatures or Moisture is not going inside the Steel Frames, thereby avoiding the expansion and contraction of Steel frames on the exterior walls.
Jointing Methods Cladding Boards connected and Putty smeared over it. This is ok for temporary, interior walls. But Not suitable for Walls exposed to harsh thermal environments Best Jointing Methods used, with Proper Jointing Components, Proper Fiber Mesh application, and Finishing. Able to Withstand harsh thermal environments outside.
Wind Loads Cannot handle Big Wind Loads or Earthquakes as no Designs process is implemented Can handle Wind Loads and Earthquake Loads as the Engineering Design is included in the Process.
Design Capabilities Simple Straight Connections only. Complicated Designs are not possible. Any kind of Complicated Designs can be possible.
Detailing Software No Detailing Software Advanced Detailing Software with Automated Detailing, positioning of various punching operations with Excellent 3D Walkthrough Views
Video testimonials of our factory

Mr. Parkahar Aggarwal
(Head, Nest In)

Mr. Balaji Purushotham
Framecad Regional Manager, Indian Subcontinent

Mr. Nilesh Sesodia
Project Architect - JSW Dolvi

Mr. Naveed Ahmed
Director - AllGridz Pvt.Ltd. - Banglore

Mr. P.S. Mujawar
Director - Oozza Engineering - Pune

Mr. Raju Madiwal
Individual Client from Sirsi - Karnataka

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