Client Coordinator (CC-1)

Ahmedabad,     April 14, 2020

Full Time

Experience: 0-2 years

Internet and computer savvy Graduate with command on good verbal and spoken English.
Confident, Methodical, Diligent, Friendly, Positive.

Primary Job Role
  • Receive Incoming enquires from client’s via

    • Email
    • WhatsApp
    • Online web site Chat
    • Phone call
  • Furnish the enquiries with company introduction and understand from the call, scope of work, let them know that they will get a called back

  • Reply every client with a relevant reply email and set of documentation that may be required specific to the call.

  • Enter client data into the ERP system methodically on a daily basis

  • Ensure that the data log with client’s requirements is entered in the ERP and that there is no gap left between clients call and the data being entered (along with special remarks)

  • Check regularly on the inquiry date and the reply so that we can fasten our turn around

  • Conduct Periodic Outgoingcalls to clients who have…

    • Promised to send the details but yet have not yet reverted back
    • To seek new requirements from clients
    • To transmit information (eg. Cross sell, upsell)
    • Call for payment reminders etc
  • Search for new clients who are relevant and are marketing worthy from

    • Web
    • Magazines
    • Websites
    • Trade websites
  • Learn about

    • ERP
    • LGSF Tech
    • Client coordination and handling
Secondary Job Role
  • Be available on phone and mobile app : in a work from home situation

  • Keep a watch for pirate enquiries

  • Be present for all incoming enquiries or then keep management posted 2 days in advance if unavailable for work

  • Receive feedback from clients and report to the management

  • Keep an eye of improvement for oneself and the overall system

  • Be a part of forecast and marketing meetings

  • Keep an analytical view point on reports and results

  • Maintain a cordial and functional relationship with clients.

From ERP Team
Experience: 0-5 years
Basic Qualification: B.E. (Civil) or equivalent or similar qualification in related field
Job Description:

Since the Client Coordinator post is for factory made LGSF and such similar construction work, the person should be ready to handle all responsibilities given; he/she should also be acquainted with all LGSF and allied construction activities sequences, processes and with management of material to be used/consumed, and should have appropriate level of understanding for reading drawings and specifications.

Key Responsibilities
  • Maintain Record of Contact With Clients: Document in detail each contact he/she has with a client, sharing with everyone on the sales and marketing team. Update this information daily. Maintain records of all transactions and contacts with clients. Update sales records when clients place orders and maintain records of all requests for quotations. Record details of any complaints or problems that clients report. Check and update contact details of members of the client team.

  • Act as Liaison Between Company and Client: After the sales team closes the deal, the client coordinator will be in charge of making sure the client remains a happy customer. This duty will involve a number of tasks, such as placing new orders for the client or resolving specific complaints. Maintain contact with clients. Handle incoming telephone calls, emails, letters and messages. Reply themselves or acknowledge the contact and pass it to the techno-functional executive, sales representative or account manager to provide a detailed response. Contact clients to acknowledge receipt of orders or service requests and update them on progress and delivery schedules. Contact clients to let them know about new products, special offers or price changes.

  • Internal Coordination: Be good at teamwork. Communicate with other departments to obtain information to respond to clients’ requests, e.g. notify colleagues in manufacturing and distribution when clients have placed orders. Maintain contact to get updates on the progress of the orders so that they can advise clients. Communicate details of any complaints or problems so that other departments can take action to deal with the issues.

  • Analyze Market Research and Assist with Client Acquisition: Work with market analyst to make meaning out of market research. Couple this information with feedback received from clients to create buyer personas, which the marketing team can build out using CRM software.

  • Collaborate with Sales Team to Provide Excellent Client Experience: Act as the point of contact for clients and gain a lot of information about each client. Pass this information along to the sales team so it can find more leads that match such buying habits. Keep techno-functional executive, sales representatives or account managers fully informed on all activity on clients' accounts. Report details of new orders, requests for quotations, complaints, service requests or changes of contact details. Ensure that sales teams are aware of all relevant information whenever they meet or contact clients. Arrange client appointments for the sales team, giving them more time to concentrate on selling.

  • Participate in Sales and Marketing Strategy Meetings: Participate in sales and marketing strategy meetings as the receiver of direct customer feedback and use negative feedback to ultimately improve the client experience.

  • Carry out or undertake any other work related to the scope of the subordinate staff as and if required.

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