Techno-Functional Coordinator (TF-1)

Ahmedabad,     April 14, 2020

Full Time

Experience: 2-4 years
Degree or Diploma in Civil / Architecture having good command on verbal, spoken & written English.

Descriptive, Techno Functional, Confident, Methodical, Diligent, Friendly, Positive & able to work under pressure

Primary Job Role
  • Receive leads from ERP system

    • Understand and read the drawings
    • Understand & Analyze the drawings
    • Organize the requirements to the need of the tech team
    • oArticulate the requirement in and understandable manner for the tech team to understand at a glance
    • Connect with the client should there be a need for any further inputs.
    • Ask technical questions / Ask details to client and gather each and every detail such that tech team can function smoothly
  • Coordinate with team members and ensure smooth handling of the requirement through the department.

  • Understand the manufacturing, steel & vetting process for ease coordination

  • Keep a keen eye on the turn around time from the tech team

  • Keep the client informed on the status report and progress

  • Toggle between tech team and client to ensure smooth and fast flow

  • Learn about

    • ERP
    • LGSF Tech
    • Client coordination and handling
Secondary Job Role
  • Search for new clients who are relevant and are marketing worthy from

    • Web
    • Magazines
    • Websites
    • Trade websites
  • Be available on phone and mobile app : in a work from home situation

  • Keep a watch for pirate enquiries

  • Be present for all incoming enquiries or then keep management posted 2 days in advance if unavailable for work

  • Receive feedback from clients / tech team and report to the management

  • Keep an eye of improvement for oneself and the overall system

  • Be a part of forecast and techno - marketing meetings

  • Keep an analytical view point on reports and results

  • Maintain a cordial and functional relationship with clients.

From ERP Team

Techno Functional Executive

Experience: 0-5 years
Basic Qualification: B.E. (Civil) or equivalent or similar qualification
Job Description:

Since the Techno Functional Executive post is for factory made LGSF and such similar construction work, the person should be ready to handle all responsibilities given; he should also be acquainted with all LGSF and allied construction activities sequences, processes and with management of material to be used/consumed, and should have appropriate level of understanding for reading drawings and specifications.

Key Responsibilities
  • Coordinate with all staff including the Client, Project Team Members such as Consultants, Project Coordinator, Other Office, Design & Factory Staff and Report to the Top Management (e.g. CEO, Directors) & Functional Management (e.g. General Manager – Projects, General Manager – Engineering, General Manager - Manufacturing, VP – Projects, VP – Engineering, VP – Manufacturing).

  • Communicate & correspond with Clients to gather & understand their requirements.

  • Handle all of the queries of the Clients.

  • After understanding the client requirements filter the Project Type and Scope and coordinate with the Design Team to check the feasibility, steel & other quantities back and forth with the clients.

  • Handle all back and forth changes requested by the client.

  • Prepare and provide the project proposal/quotation to the client.

  • Make all the required revisions to the project proposal as per requirements.

  • Follow-up with the client for order confirmation.

  • Follow-up with the client for release of payment.

  • Co-ordinate with the client for delivery of project.

  • Follow-up with the client for feedback.

  • Carry out or undertake any other work related to the scope of the subordinate staff as and if required.

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